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Texturizing Guides, Eyelet Grooved Section, Roller Guide, Wire Bow Guides

A Table of Content
A1 Introduction & Material specification
AA Table of Contenet (Photos)
AAA Surface Properties & FAQ
Aalidhra Texturizing guides - Section T7
Accumulator Guide - Section Q
Air Tex Guides - Section T11
Barmag POY & FDY Guide-Section T14
Barmag Texturizing Guides - Section T4
Bhagat Texturizing Guide - Section T13
Bi-Rotor Guides - Section S
C Guides - Section R
Deflector Bush & Dummbell - Section I
Dummbell Table - Section A7
Electronic Yarn Clearer Guides - Section T2
Eyelet Cut - Section BC
Eyelet Double Flanged - Section BD
Eyelet Drawing - Section B
Eyelet Grooved - Section BB
Eyelet Special & Navel Eye - Section BE
Eyelet Table - Section A1
Himson Texturizing Guides - Section T4
Hook Guide - Section U
Muata Jet & DRT Cheese winder guides - Section T10
Murata Autoconner Guides - Section T8
Murata Texturizing Guides - Section T3
Nozzle & Bush - Section G
Pig Tail Guide- Section JA
Pot Eyelet Table - Section A6
Pot Eyelets - Section IA
Ring, Washer Table - Section A3
Ring, Washer, Disc - Section E
Rod Drawing - Section D
Rod Table - Section A4
Roller Guide - Section H
Savio Autoconner Guides - Section T1
Schlafohorst Autoconner Guides - Section T1
Sleeve - Section P
Special Guide Flat - Section O
Special Guide Odd Shape - Section OA
Spin Finish Guide - Section N
Tape machine guides - Section T9
Tensor Cup - Section F
Tensor Cup Table - Section A5
TFO Guides - Section T5
TMT POY & FDY Guides - Section T15
Trap Guide - Section J
Traverse Guide - Section L
Tube Drawing - Section C
Tube Table - Section A2
U/V Yarn path Guide with groove - Section K
U/V Yarn path guides Eye type - SectionKA
Water Jet guides - Section T6
Wire Air Wiper Guide - Section MA
Wire Bow Guides - Section M
Z Index Item code - Page number Cross Reference
ZZ Product Photos
ZZZ Des Complete Catalogue