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Ceramic Thread Guides, Yarn Guides, and Wire Guides Manufacturer and Supplier

DES CERAMICA PVT. LTD. has been making quality Ceramic Thread Guides, Yarn Guides, and Wire Guides for the Textile, Tyre-Cord, Tape, and Wire industries since 1987. We are suppliers to most of the reputed machinery manufacturers in India.

Our range of products includes

  • Thread Guides and Yarn Guides for Textile, Tyre Cord and Tape Machinery
  • Wire Guides and Flyer Bow Guides for Wire and Cable Machinery
  • Ceramic and Metal Assemblies
  • Pressed Metal Components (Steel,Stainlesss Steel, Non-Ferrous metals)
  • Metal Wire Components
  • Moulded Plastic Parts
  • Ceramic Crucibles and Lab Ware
  • Ceramic for High Temperature Applications
  • Ceramic for Electrical Applications
  • Investment Castings
  • Ceramics for Medical devices
  • Ceramics used in Dentistry
  • Precision Machined ceramic components
  • Agricultural spray Nozzles
  • Ceramic for wear applications
We offer ceramic products made out of Alumina (up to 99.9% Alumina content), Titania Ceramic, Zirconia Ceramic and Tungsten Carbide.
We have a modern plant spread over 3600 Sq. M., with facilities for injection-moulding, dry-pressing, extrusion, slip-casting, and machining. This allows a ceramic part to be made to near-net dimensions in the green stage itself. Intricate ceramic parts can be made using one or more of these processes. Small and complicated parts are made by injection moulding. Simple designs and large parts are made by pressing or slip-casting. Rods are extruded.

The surface roughness and topography of the ceramic guide is critical to yarn quality in textile applications. We have a wide range of techniques for polishing ceramic parts to the correct surface roughness and texture.

Strict quality control procedures are followed in every section of our factory. The ceramic raw material is imported from Germany and Canada. Quality tests are carried out at every stage of production. The finished pieces are 100% inspected. The processing record of every piece produced is preserved for five years.
We manufacture about 1200 different designs
Ceramic Eyelet, Cut Eyelet, Slotted Eyelet, Ceramic Grooved Eyelet, Taper-bore Eyelet, Double-Flanged Eyelet, Pot Eyelet, Dumb-bell Guide, Ceramic Tube, Pigtail Guide, Dogtail Guide, Oiler Guide, Spin-finish Applicator, Birotor Guide, Travese Guide, Take-up Winder Guide, Open End Navel, Ceramic Roller, Ceramic Rod, Ceramic Ring, Ceramic Washer, Trap Guide, Grooved Ring, Tensor Cup, Deflector Bush, Deflector Guide, Ceramic Bush, Ceramic Nozzle, Accumulator Guide, Hook Guide, Ceramic washer, Ceramic Disc, Ceramic Plate, Ceramic Sleeve, Ceramic Oiling Nozzle, Slotted Tube, and oddshaped special designs. If the ceramic component that you want is not in our catalog, we will produce a customized component as per your design or sample. We have our own tool-room, so prototypes can be submitted quickly.

We can also supply ceramic and metal assemblies (ceramic guide with metal holder), and moulded plastic parts as per your design or sample.