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Selecting the Right Material
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Our A997 ALUMINA contains 99.7 % Aluminium Oxide. It is very yarn-friendly, fine-grained, and highly wear-resistant owing to its very high hardness. It can be polished to extremely low roughness, less than 0.1 Micron Ra. Our A997 Alumina is ideal for applications with high speeds and high tensions. Recommended for texturising machinery, winders, and spinning machinery; synthetic micro-yarns, coarse and hard synthetic yarns, glass, carbon, and silk; nylon cords and ropes, tyre cords, metal wires, metal cables.

T07 TITANIA has a surface that is most loving and tender towards the yarn, because of its rounded grain and crystal structure. It is ideal for delicate yarns. It is softer than Alumina, so life will be less. Recommended for texturising machinery, at positions where the yarn is delicate.

Z09 ZIRCONIA. This Y-PSZ Zirconia is as yarn-friendly as Titania, and has high hardness, toughness and is very wear resistant. Owing to its very high cost, it is only used for special applications.

W08 TUNGSTEN CARBIDE. Our Tungsten Carbide has high hardness, toughness, and is very wear-resistant. It has good thermal conductivity and some electrical conductivity, owing to its small metal content. Recommended for metal wire machinery.
Texturising Machinery Delicate yarn, wear resistance, yarn-friendly surface A997 Alumina, satin (matt) A997 Alumina, polished A997 Alumina, low-friction T07 Titania, polished
Spinning Machinery Yarn friendly surface, wear resistance A 997 Alumina, highly polished
Winding Machinery Yarn friendly surface, wear resistance A997 Alumina, polished
Silk, Glass, Carbon fibres Yarn-friendly surface, anti-static T07C Conductive Titania, polished A997 Alumina, polished
Delicate micro-yarns Yarn-friendly surface, anti-static T07C Conductive Titania, polished,A997 Alumina, polished
Twisting Machinery Yarn friendly surface, wear resistance A997 Alumina, satin A997 Alumina, polished
Tyre Cord Machinery Yarn friendly surface, wear resistance A 997 Alumina, polished
Metal Wire Machinery Wear Resistance, wire-friendly surface A 997 Alumina, polished W08 Tungsten Carbide, polished